Newark Global Village School Zone

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Newark Global Village School Zone

At the heart of IUME is its commitment to activism through research, using research as a tool for social justice. Therefore, the Institute is proud to announce an array of research projects that IUME students and staff are either leading or heavily involved in producing, each that promote teaching and learning and/or educational issues through an anti-deficit framework. Additionally, we encourage the community to be a part of our research, further collaborating with those who our research intends to benefit.

NGVSZ is a collection of schools ranging from Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 14 schools that are built to give scholars the opportunity to work with students and teachers to increase student motivation and parental involvement while promoting academic success and societal preparation. 

On June 1st, Dr. Pedro Noguera (Executive Director of the Metropolitan Center for Urban Education, Steinhardt’s Peter L. Agnew Professor of Education, and Professor of Teaching and Learning) and Dr. Clifford Janey (Superintendent of the Newark, New Jersey Public Schools) convened a city-wide planning conference to formally launch the partnership between the Metropolitan Center for Urban Education at New York University and Newark Public Schools (NPS). Newark is the first BBA demonstration. In July 2009, a broad group of educators, service providers, community organizations, and others came together to begin planning and designing a BBA reform plan.

Drawing on a series of educational meetings, collaborations, and research activities, six principals and their staff and parents came together to create the Newark Global Village School Zone (NGVSZ). Schools in the Central Ward are scheduled for restructuring as follows:

  • 18th Avenue School
  • Sussex Street School
  • Burnet Street School
  • Newton Street School
  • Cleveland School
  • Quitman Street Community School
  • Central High School

IUME Director Ernest Morrell and the Institute will play a large role in the development of the NGVSZ moving forward and the research that it produces. Specific responsibilities include:

1. Dr. Morrell will serve as the leadership partner for Central High School.
2. IUME will be helping with instructional leadership across all of the middle and high schools.
3. IUME will be helping with literacy education across all of the schools.
4. IUME will be helping with research design and the actual research across the whole of the project. 

To learn more about the NGVSZ, visit the project website via NYU as well as the Central High School website that includes information about the School Zone.