National Youth Council

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National Youth Council

At the heart of IUME is its commitment to activism through research, using research as a tool for social justice. Therefore, the Institute is proud to announce an array of research projects that IUME students and staff are either leading or heavily involved in producing, each that promote teaching and learning and/or educational issues through an anti-deficit framework. Additionally, we encourage the community to be a part of our research, further collaborating with those who our research intends to benefit.

National Council of Youth Research (NCYR)

The goal of this 3-year project is to assemble a National Council of Youth Research (NCYR).  We aim to involve teachers and high school students and university researchers across four urban sites who will gather data on the conditions of their schools and communities that can be used to effect change in educational policy and practice. The idea builds upon 12 years of YPAR work (1999-2011) conducted in Los Angeles by the Council of Youth Research (CYR) where high school teens have been apprenticed as researchers and have presented their work to mayors, state representatives, and national officials. Additionally, the youth have presented at national conferences such as the American Educational Researcher Association (AERA), they have created digital videos, and they have communicated to large audiences via a blog. Youth from the CYR have been profiled by CNN, National Public Radio, and other local and national print, radio, and television outlets. Not only have the youth become legitimate researchers, they have also developed skills to participate civically in their communities.  In addition, the work has proven successful for developing college readiness skills. Finally, the project also hopes to provide opportunities for teacher learning and professional development.

The next phase of this work entails a partnership between UCLA’s Institute for Democracy Education and Access, where CYR originated, and the Institute for Urban Minority Education at Teacher’s College, Columbia University. Both programs, doing work to understand and challenge social and educational inequities in urban communities of color, will take lead as the main sites for this National Council.  Over the next three years we will be building upon our previous work, which focused on literacy learning, civic engagement, and teacher development.  We would like to push upon three areas: 1) Impacting national policy and practice 2) using media to disseminate educational research and 3) transferring CYR ‘s work into traditional content area classrooms.

To view the current work of students who are currently part of the beginning phase of NCYR, visit their blog here.