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RSVP for a Special Guest Lecture with Dr. Shirley Steinberg

IUME is excited to announce that Dr. Shirley Steinberg, Research Professor of Youth Studies at the University of Calgary and Consulting Professor and Director of the Institute of Youth and Community Research at the University of the West of Scotland, will be speaking at Teachers College! Dr. Steinberg has published countless books on youth culture, and her upcoming talk is entitled "Islamic Youth as Political Pawns: Critically Deconstructing Fear and Media.

To RSVP for Dr. Steinberg's lecture, please click here.

IUME Director Ernest Morrell's NCTE Presidential Address Published

IUME Director Ernest Morrell's 2014 NCTE Presidential Address has just been published by the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE). Morrell served as NCTE President from 2013-2014, and at this year's annual conference in Boston, he gave the annual President Address as a capstone to the conference. Congratulations once again for completing his Presidential year at NCTE and leading--and inspiring--tens of thousands of English teachers nationwide!

Click here
to read the recently published speech on the NCTE website and click here to watch a recorded video of his speech on the IUME YouTube channel.

Learn More About IUME's Literacy Teachers Initiative (LTI) Project

 IUME was excited to announce the launch of the Literacy Teachers Initiative (LTI) Project in spring, 2012. Since then, we have partnered with dynamic elementary and middle school teachers from Harlem and Brooklyn in an effort to collaboratively work toward finding increased pedagogical methods for students. The LTI Project is led by Dr. Jodene Morrell of Teachers College. We have grown in number and ideas each year, received competitive research grants, presented at Teachers College and state, national, and international conferences, and written for publication.

Check out our LTI page for more information and check out the biographies of the Teacher Fellows here!

Welcome to our newest IUME Postdoctoral and Faculty Fellows!

We are excited to welcome our newest group of accomplished and innovative IUME Fellows who will be working with us this year. Our IUME Faculty Fellows include Dr. Brian Lozenski, from Metropolitan State University, and Deron Wallace, from the University of Cambridge. In addition, Teachers College's Minority Postdoctoral Fellow, Dr. Monique Lane, from the University of California-Los Angeles (UCLA), will also be be a part of IUME research this year.

Learn more about them on our Faculty Fellow page and Postdoctoral Fellow page.

Learn More about the Youth Historians in Harlem Program!

The Youth Historians in Harlem (YHH) project, sponsored by IUME, is a new critical approach to teaching history in urban schools in Harlem, focusing on empowering minority youth through their own cultural experiences, involving students in the practice of "doing" history through guided projects, programs, and participatory action research. YHH seeks to increase students' interest in history through innovative and engaging pedagogical approaches that help them become historians, researching the rich historical past of ‘their’ Harlem community. While YHIH seeks to advance the historical knowledge of education in Harlem, above all, our project seeks to make history relevant to urban students and help increase academic achievement. To learn more about this exciting project, visit the official website here.

Subscribe to our IUME YouTube Channel!

Have you visited the official IUME YouTube page recently? Want to learn more about IUME? Make sure to stop by our YouTube page here and watch a few of our videos and subscribe!. Not only do we keep a collection of IUME events and Colloquia, but our video team prepares short clips on critical research. The most recent Beyond Bullying presentation is now available, as is our December Colloquium and other great clips that should be shared!

In our increasingly digital and mutlimodal era, we believe strongly in collaborative educational content, so make sure to check back often and subscribe to your channel.


Upcoming Events

Announcements > IUME continues to make Hip-Hop history!

IUME continues to make Hip-Hop history!

For Immediate Release

15 August 2012




NEW YORK, July 16 2012 – TheHip-HopEducationCenter(HHEC)partners with the UniversityofWisconsin–Madison’sOfficeofMulticulturalArtsInitiative(OMAI)for the lecture series,GettingRealIII:Hip-HopPedagogy,Performance,andCultureinThe ClassroomandBeyond.  The partnership will offer the lecture series toNewYorkUniversity and Columbia  Universitystudents, faculty and staff through teleconferencing technology.


The Getting Real IIIseries, curated by OMAI DirectorWillieNeyand HHEC DirectorMartha Diaz,will be co-hosted byChrisWalker(University of Wisconsin-Madison),PedroNoguera (NYU’s Metropolitan Center for Urban Education) andErnestMorrell  (Columbia University’s Institute for Urban & Minority Education). Guest speakers will includeMC Lyte,GloriaLadson- Billings, MarcellaRunellHall,JenJohnson,ChristopherEmdin,JoeSchloss,  PopMaster Fabel,and Carlos“Mare139”Rodriguez Class topics include: Promising Practices for Utilizing a Social Justice Hip-Hop Pedagogy: Notes from the Real World; Art for the Next Century: How Graffiti Transformed Contemporary Art and Remixed History; From the Source to the Course: Issues and Strategies for Collaborative Hip-Hop Scholarship; Rhyme, Rhythm & Resistance:

Afro-Cosmopolitanism, Art and Public Pedagogy in South Africa’s Social Justice Struggles; Reality Pedagogy: #HiphopEd and STEM Education.


Getting Real: Hip-Hop Pedagogy, Performance, and Culture in The Classroom and Beyondwas initially launched in 2011 by OMAI at University of Wisconsin-Madison and included lectures from seminal scholars and leaders in the growing field of Hip-Hop studies.Damon A. Williams, Vice- Provost, University of Wisconsin-Madison  states,“The University of Wisconsin-Madison is proud to be in partnership with the Hip-Hop Education Center and its partners for this fall’s “Getting Real” Videoconference.Our role as the only university campus with a spoken-word and hip-

hop arts residential learning community is magnified and supported through these innovative approaches to teaching an emerging discipline in cutting-edge art. This cooperative venture will bring learning into a virtual forum and result in the creation of a transcendent national instruction network.”


Since launching in 2010, the HHEC has cultivated Hip-Hop scholars, teaching artists, cultural workers, activists and social entrepreneurs to utilize the Hip-Hop to educate and transform communities. Having already partnered with New York University’s Metropolitan Center for Urban Education and Columbia University’s Institute for Urban and Minority Education, Director of the HHEC, Martha Diaz, explains,


“We are excited to partner with the University of Wisconsin-Madison on this project.They have the number one School of Education in the U.S. and one of the most progressive Hip-Hop education initiatives in Academia. The partnership with the University of Wisconsin’sOffice of

Multicultural Arts Initiativeis an extension of the Hip-Hop Education Center’s mission that will create a new platform to provide context to the work in the field.”


“The Hip-Hop Education Center continues to keep us connected to the current work in the

field, but this time through technology,” said Pedro Noguera, Metro Center director. “I’m looking forward to collaborating with our partners to engage our students and the public at large in this Hip-Hop conversation to illustrate how this phenomenon continues to impact education, culture, and society.”


“We too are excited to be able to partner with the University of Wisconsin and NYU to be able

to offer this lecture series. We need more opportunities to bring leading scholars and artists into communication with K-12 educators and the larger community to discuss the potential of Hip-hop education to transform teaching and learning for our youth. We envision this as just one part of a larger focus at Teachers College on Hip-hop education in City Schools that will be bolstered by the work of Martha Diaz at the HHEC and our dynamic faculty members such as Marc Lamont Hill and Chris Emdin, who are established leaders in the field.—ErnestMorrell, Teachers College, Columbia University


Getting Real III: Hip-Hop Pedagogy, Performance, and Culture in the Classroom and Beyondwill be offered in the Fall 2012.





The Hip-Hop Education Center (HHEC) cultivates and supports Hip-Hop scholars, teaching

artists, cultural workers, activists, and social entrepreneurs in the effort to professionalize the field of Hip-Hop Education and inform the larger education sector. It achieves this through qualitative and quantitative research, program evaluation, community outreach and programming, teacher training and placement, policy development, advocacy, archiving, and social enterprising.



The Office of Multicultural Arts Initiatives (OMAI) provides culturally relevant and transformative arts programming to promote positive social dialogue and to give cultural art forms a legitimate academic forum. By harnessing the broad cultural influence of spoken word, hip hop and emerging, as well as traditional art forms, OMAI initiatives create learning environments that improve retention and graduation success and prepares future leaders to reinvest in their communities. By continually refreshing this paradigm that integrates traditional academics and cutting edge arts activism, OMAI empowers transnational leaders with new tools for inclusive community building. Founded in 2005, OMAI is a unit of the Office of the Vice Provost for Diversity and Climate at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.



The Institute for Urban and Minority Education (IUME) was created in 1973 to serve the interests of those students who are often hidden, disregarded, or underestimated. IUME’s mission is to use research and practice to illustrate the most promising practices in schools and out-of-school settings where youth are learning powerfully and feeling good about themselves while doing so. IUME is also interested in rethinking the way we conduct research as well as how we often perceive those populations who are the focus of research in urban education.Through work with university based researchers, classroom teachers, students, parents, community advocates and elected officials they hope to create networks committed to the relentless pursuit of educational excellence.




The Metropolitan Center for Urban Education (Metro Center) is a comprehensive, university- based center that focuses on educational research, policy, and practice. The Metro Center is

a partner and resource at the local and national levels in strengthening and improving access, opportunity, and the quality of education in our schools. Our mission is to target issues related to educational equity by providing leadership and support to students, parents, teachers, administrators, and policy makers. For 40 years, the Metro Center has been a transformational

forceinspiringpositivechangeinschools,districts,  andregionsacrossthecountry.http://

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