Culture Circle Series

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Culture Circle Series

IUME has undertaken a number of new and exciting initiatives for the upcoming year that engage the educational community and community at-large. Fostering our mission of expanding our knowledge of pedagogical practices and engaging youth of color,IUME's "Culture Circles" embody all that is important about community involvement and empowerment for all.

IUME Culture Circles: "Reading the Word and the World"

In the spirit of Brazilian educator Paulo Freire, IUME is proud to present our "Culture Circles," in which participants and facilitator together discuss generative themes that have significance within the context of students', educators', and researchers' lives. These themes, which are related but not limited to critical literacy, popular culture, urban schooling, critical pedagogy, critical race theory, engaged research, Hip Hop, and culturally empowering frameworks, are discovered through the cooperative research of educators and students.

These themes are initially represented in the form of codifications (usually visual representations, pictures, music lyrics, poetry) that are taken as the basis for dialogue within the circle. As participants decode these representations, they recognize them as situations in which they themselves are involved as subjects. The process of critical consciousness formation is initiated when participants learn to read the codifications in their situationality.

The visual codifications are then accompanied by words (academic and non-academic articles) to which they correspond. Students learn to read these words in the process of reading the aspects of the world with which they are linked.




Upcoming Culture Circles TBD

Recent Culture Circles (2013-2014)

Dec. 7th, 2013 -Rising Up: Parents Organizing For a Child's Right led by Benita Lovett-Rivera (Co-Found for the Many Mothers Agenda) and Debbie Sonu (Assistant Professor at Hunter College)


Oct. 26, 2013 -- Stop and Frisk: A Critical Examination of New York City Policies led by Judy Pryor-Ramirez and Claire Sternberg (NYC Educators)


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Interested in participating in IUME's Culture Circles or leading one yourself? Contact Cati de los Rios at