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Community Partnerships

IUME is pleased to renew a number of community partnerships for the 2011-2012 year as well as begin new ones. Each organization is committed to the same goals and principles that guide IUME in it efforts to improve the lives of urban and minority peoples. Their support is crucial to aiding in the work that IUME does in the community. Feel free to learn more about our community partnerships below and on their individual websites.

Beyond the Bricks Program

The Beyond the Bricks National Community Engagement Initiative goal is to promote and encourage community based solutions on educating school aged black males. There are three overarching objectives that take place:

1) Help refocus the agenda around Black boys away from merely identifying the problems in the public school system to one of promoting and strengthening community-based solutions in education

2) Increase positive community engagement in the everyday lives of young Black males

3) Encourage the development of youth leadership and activism within communities that emphasize citizenship and an appreciation of cultural value

IUME has partnered with Beyond the Bricks Program to work with African American youth in developing critical media literacies in hopes of continuing improving classroom pedagogical approaches. This project ran last year for a course of six months from February 2012 to May 2012, actively engaging with IUME and staff. It has resumed this year in the spring of 2013. For more information about the Beyond the Bricks Project, visit their website here.

For more information about Beyond the Bricks and IUME's partnership or to get involved, contact us at


"I Have a Dream Foundation"

During the 2012-2013 academic year, IUME has partnered with the "I Have a Dream" Foundation, where we provide both graduate students and a space to empower students utilizing the IHADF model and curricular resources. 

The "I Have A Dream" Foundation works to ensure that all children have the opportunity to pursue higher education. They empower children in low-income communities to achieve higher education by providing them with guaranteed tuition support and equipping them with the skills, knowledge, and habits they need to gain entry to higher education and succeed in college and beyond. By helping our Dreamers gain access to college, we are putting them on a different academic and life trajectory, while having a broader impact on the students' families and the generations that follow.

Harlem AIDS Blanket (in Partnership with Harlem World Cares)

The Harlem AIDS Blanket is an out-of-school-time art education project aimed at raising awareness and strengthening public support of HIV/AIDS awareness in Harlem and beyond. The project is co-sponsored by community artist Danny Tisdale of Tisdale Studio.  It includes an HIV/AIDS awareness workshop geared for high school students, and teaches students how to express their feelings on the topic of HIV/AIDS through the use of collage technique and art patch making. Completed art patches will contribute towards one larger Harlem AIDS Blanket.  The project continues to work in collaboration with primary education partner Wadleigh Secondary School, Project STAY, and the NYC Mission Society Beacon Program, and received in- kind support from Conde Nast.  Over 400 patches of art work have been produced for the blanket, with over 450 students receiving training on HIV awareness in a variety of schools throughout the Harlem community. 

For more information, on the project log onto, or visit Stitching Together Education and Reflection about HIV/AIDS.

Project Enterprise
Gordon Campus Space Usage

The mission of Project Enterprise is to support and develop entrepreneurs and small businesses in under-resourced communities in New York City.  By providing access to business loans, business development services and networking opportunities, Project Enterprise helps entrepreneurs increase their standard of living, create jobs for their communities, and financial assets.  At the Gordon Campus the organization conducts its peer training program. Participating students complete a seven week training program, which assists entrepreneurs with writing business plans, and learning basic policy and procedures of organization management. 

Child Welfare Parent Organizers
Gordon Campus Space Usage

Child Welfare Parent Organizers is a collective of parent organizations that meet on the first Friday of each month at the Gordon Campus and work to eliminate racial disproportionality in the child welfare system.  The organization originated as a spin-off from the Racial Disproportionality Symposium held in New York back in 2009.  The organization meets monthly at the Gordon Campus to establish relationships, share information and work together to bring a collective voice towards achieving race equity in child welfare.   

Harlem World Magazine Cares
Gordon Campus Space Usage & Project Development

Harlem World (HW) Magazine Cares
 works to improve the lives of Harlemites, through access to information and programming on the arts, education and healthcare.  Harlem World Cares provides such programming to non-profits, individuals and families in the Harlem area free of charge.  Currently Harlem World Cares does this work through the HYPE program (Harlem Youth Publishing Empowerment), and the Harlem AIDS Blanket. At the Gordon Campus the program trains high school students in publishing skills and visual arts. During the out-of-school time hours, Harlem World Cares has 3-4 youth working at the Gordon Campus, and approximately 500 youngsters have been trained on the visual arts for the Harlem AIDS Blanket.  With HYPE, students learn photo, design, writing and sales skills, and with the AIDS Blanket students learn collage technique as well as creative problem solving skills. IUME has helped to facilitate partnerships for HW Cares with area schools and community organizations. 

Harlem Cares Mentoring
Gordon Campus Space Usage & Project Support

Harlem Cares Mentoring continued its partnerships with IUME this academic year, providing monthly orientations and training at the Gordon Campus.  Harlem Cares Mentoring works to promote mentoring services in the Harlem area. This partnership works to increase the recruitment of caring adults and connect them to local mentoring programs and best practices. IUME supported its work by proving outreach to the Harlem community and securing an educational partnership with the organization.   

YES Inc.
Organizational Support

YES, Inc. is committed to improving the academic achievement of middle school and high school student athletes by helping them meet the NCAA freshman eligibility requirements and prepare them for life after sports participation.  YES Inc. does this through its Learning Academy which provides supplementary educational services to student-athletes in need.  

People’s Institute for Survival and Beyond
Organizational Support

IUME has continued its longstanding partnership with the People’s Institute for Survival and Beyond and their efforts to stamp out racism. By providing community space and advisement, IUME works closely with People’s Institute staff to formulize community linkages for their highly successful workshop training entitled, Undoing RacismTM.  Four spin off organizations have emerged from their work:  the Women of Color group, the Men of Color group, Undoing Racism in Child Welfare, and a Leadership Development group. Three of the four groups above continue to hold their monthly meetings at the Gordon Campus.

The Peoples Institute North East Region Women of Color (WOC)
Gordon Campus Space

The Peoples Institute North East Region Women of Color (WOC) is an organization that gathers at the Gordon Campus ever third Wednesday of the month as a support group for individuals who are recovering from the effects of Structural Racism. During these gatherings, WOC follows an agenda that discusses the group’s organizing and strategic planning in support of their Undoing Racism Workshops and presentations. The space utilized at IUME has become a “home base” that has helped them in their communication and centralization efforts.