The Gordon Commission

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The Gordon Commission

At the heart of IUME is its commitment to activism through research, using research as a tool for social justice. Therefore, the Institute is proud to announce an array of research projects that IUME students and staff are either leading or heavily involved in producing, each that promote teaching and learning and/or educational issues through an anti-deficit framework. Additionally, we encourage the community to be a part of our research, further collaborating with those who our research intends to benefit.

The Gordon Commission on the Future of Assessment in Education has a three-fold mission:

  1. study the best of extant educational assessment policy, practice and technology
  2. consider our best estimates of how education will change in the future and what it will need from educational measurement during the 21st century
  3. generate recommendations concerning the design of future models for and uses of educational assessment to support the demands and needs of education as these varied needs can be anticipated to be in the next quarter century and beyond

The Commission evaluated the current state of educational assessment and the uses of its data. The Commission also explored ways in which emerging developments in pedagogical, cognitive and technological sciences can be leveraged in the design of educational assessment instruments, procedures, and systems that are more powerful accelerants of student learning, of effective teaching and of effective educational system management. It also reviewed and critiqued the best of our current assessments and models and anticipates future needs and goals in the service of educational excellence and equity by the mid-21st century. In the future, the Commission will conduct its inquiries and deliberations with wide public participation and complete transparency, and is in the process of making public its report to the field.

In addition, this year, ETS and the Gordon Commission contracted with IUME to assist with and complete the Knowledge Synthesis Project. IUME’s responsibility included overseeing Commission authors and consulting editors for each paper in the Knowledge Synthesis Project; obtaining consulting editors feedback on first and second drafts; submitting accepted papers to the Chairman of the Commission; appointing research assistants to support the development of this work; the review of 25 Commissioned papers and development.

Finally, IUME developed and coordinated the work of six Pre and Post Doctoral Fellows who met in seminar throughout the spring to consult with the Chairman of the Commission, read, digested and interpreted the Commissioned papers. Fellows will spend the fall distilling findings, drafting recommendations, and designing specifications for research and development.

To learn more about the Gordon Commission, headed by IUME Director Emeritus Edmund W. Gordon, click here.

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