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Literacy Teachers Initiative

At the heart of IUME is its commitment to activism through research, using research as a tool for social justice. Therefore, the Institute is proud to announce an array of research projects that IUME students and staff are either leading or heavily involved in producing, each that promote teaching and learning and/or educational issues through an anti-deficit framework. Additionally, we encourage the community to be a part of our research, further collaborating with those who our research intends to benefit.

Literacy Teachers Initiative in Collaboration
 with the NYC Department of Education

The Literacy Teachers Initiative (LTI) Project is an innovative program with K-8 teachers in Harlem and Brooklyn that increases knowledge about effective culturally relevant literacy pedagogies and fosters engaging classroom practices and national collaboration among literacy educators. The LTI Project provides teachers an opportunity to work with colleagues, faculty and students at Teachers College, Columbia University to deepen pedagogic content knowledge. The program works to foster powerful culturally relevant literacy practices that meet the demands of standards, as well as the needs of diverse students and communities at the dawn of the 21st century. Teachers selected for LTI are “Fellows” of IUME and receive in school instructional support from faculty and graduate students at Columbia University. These teachers also have sustained engagements with Teachers College faculty, where they can learn from existing research as they develop powerful teaching strategies and innovative literacy classroom practices that increases academic achievement. In addition, they have the opportunity to share their expertise via local and national conferences and publications to other educators relating their work and experiences. This fits with our model that the answers to the most pressing educational questions are “in the classroom” and that teacher-leaders provide the best route to uncovering the most promising literacy practices today. We also believe that this learning is best facilitated through collaborations that link research and theory to practice and that provide opportunities for educators to share what they know with others via informal dialogues and formal publications and presentations. Further we believe that the best relationships are long-term, co-constructed, and participatory.

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Contact Information: 
Jodene Morrell, Ph.D., Project Director
Office Phone #: (212) 678-3933

Check out a video of IUME Director Ernest Morrell, LTI Director Jodene Morrell, and Teacher Fellows Rachael Cooper and Danielle Del Gatto present at the Beyond Bullying Summit on January 14th, 2013!