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Hip-Hop Education Research



(NEW YORK, May 1, 2012) – In 2010, New York University’s Metropolitan Center for Urban Education (Metro Center) in collaboration with the Hip-Hop Association helped launch the Hip-Hop Education Center (HHEC). Founded and directed by community organizer, educator and social entrepreneur Martha Diaz, HHEC was developed as a social enterprise solution’s model to cultivate and develop Hip-Hop scholars, teaching artists, cultural workers, activists and social entrepreneurs to professionalize the field of Hip-Hop Education.

 NYU’s Metro Center and HHEC collaborated on the first national research project identifying Hip-Hop-based education courses and programs in middle schools, high schools, after-school programs and institutions of higher learning. As a result, Re-Imagining Teaching and Learning: A Snapshot of Hip-Hop Education Report and The World IS Yours: A Brief History of Hip-Hop Education companion narrative were published in November 2011.

 “The Metro Center has been committed to advancing education reform through research and innovative teaching methods. Working with HHEC and Ms. Diaz has been an organic process which continues to connect us to particular work in the classroom and the community.” Pedro Noguera, Director, Metro Center

The HHEC is pleased to announce a second partnership with an institution of higher learning, Columbia University’s Institute for Urban and Minority Education (IUME). The IUME partnership will support and build upon HHEC’s research and think tank initiatives. One of the main goals of the collaboration is to develop a teaching certificate for teaching artists, in-service teachers, and students of education using Hip-Hop in the classroom and extended-day programs. In addition, HHEC and Columbia’s IUME will incubate two Scholars-in-Residence and the Hip-Hop history archival project.

 “At a time when schools are disengaging so many of our youth the HHEC provides a unique opportunity to make connections between a vibrant youth cultural practice and transformative models of education. We are excited to partner with HHEC and Ms. Diaz, a dynamic educator, scholar, and advocate, to bring Hip-Hop education to New York City Schools and, eventually, to schools and programs across the nation.” Ernest Morrell, Director, IUME

The partnership with IUME is a natural progression as more institutions of higher learning see the value of Hip-Hop culture as part of American history, knowledge (re)production, and a tool for innovation and social change. We’re elated to work with Dr. Ernest Morrell and his team. For nearly twenty years Dr. Morrell’s research has focused on drawing upon youth’s interest in popular culture and participatory media technologies to increase motivation and to promote academic literacy development, civic engagement and college access.” Martha Diaz, Director, HHEC

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Getting Real III Public Video Conference Series


In the Fall of 2012, IUME expanded the above partnership with the NYU Hip-Hop Education Center to also partner with the University of Wisconsin-Maidson, to create the Getting Real III Series, in which scholars from all across the country presetned across 16 weeks. Watch the dynamic lectures of IUME Director Ernest Morrell and IUME Research Fellow Jen Johnson below: