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Recent Publications

Recent Publications by IUME Research Fellows and Faculty

In Press/Forthcoming

de los Ríos, C.V. & Souto-Manning, M. (in press). Teacher educators as cultural workers: Problematizing teacher education pedagogies. Studying Teacher Education. (forthcoming)

Goldenberg, B.M., Wintner, A., & Berg, C. (2015, in press). Creating Middle School Harlem Historians: Motivating Urban Students Through Community-Based History. Voices From the Middle. (forthcoming, September).

Goldenberg, B.M. (2015, in press). Youth Historians in Harlem: Exploring the Possibilities in Collaborative History Research Between Local Youth and Scholars (Part 1 of 3). Education's Histories. (forthcoming, March).

Lane, M. (forthcoming). Black girl interrupted: A reflection on the challenges and possibilities from the community to the academy. In V. Evans-Winters and B. Love (Eds.). Black feminism in education: Black women speak back, up, and out.

2015 Publications

Graduate Students

de los Ríos, C.V., Lopez, J., & Morrell. (2015) Toward a Critical Pedagogy of Race: Ethnic Studies and Literacies of Power in High School Classrooms. Race and Social Problems. (forthcoming, March)
--(reprint) (forthcoming, 2016). In P. Noguera, J. Pierce, R. Ahram (Eds.) The Unfulfilled Promise of Racial Equality in Education: Current Realities and Future Prospects. Springer: New York.

Williams, P.A. (2015). Journey Down a Different Path. In S. Nieto (Ed.), Why We Teach Now (pp. 87-96). New York: Teachers College Press.
    *LTI Fellow, Pamelyn A. Williams 


IUME Faculty and Faculty Fellows/Affiliates

Garcia, A., Mirra, N., Morrell, E., Martinez, A., & Scorza, D. A. (2015). The Council of Youth Research: Critical Literacy and Civic Agency in the Digital Age. Reading & Writing Quarterly31(2), 151-167.

Lozenski, B. D. & Daphnis, J. (2015). “Trayvon, Medicine, and Education in the U.S.: Moving Away from Individualized Analyses of Race.” Trayvon Martin In US: An American Tragedy. Emmanuel Harris II and Antonio Tillis, Eds. New York: Peter Lang Publishing. Black Studies and Critical Thinking Series.

Morrell, E., and Scherff, L.  (Eds.) (2015). New Directions in Teaching English: Reimagining  Teaching, Teacher Education, and Research. Lanham, MD: Rowman and Littlefield.

Morrell, E. (2015). The 2014 NCTE Presidential Address. NCTE Council Chronicle, 24 (3).

Morrell, E. (2015).  Powerful English at NCTE Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow: Toward the Next Movement. Research in the Teaching of English, 49 (3), 307-327.

Morrell, E. (2015). Popular culture 2.0: Teaching critical media literacy in the English Language Arts classroom. New England Reading Association Journal.

2014 Publications

Graduate Students

Belle, C. (2014). From Jay-Z to Dead Prez Examining Representations of Black Masculinity in Mainstream Versus Underground Hip-Hop Music. Journal of Black Studies, 45 (4), 287-300. 

Goldenberg, B. M. (2014). White Teachers in Urban Classrooms: Embracing Non-White Students’ Cultural Capital For Better Teaching and Learning. Urban Education, 49 (1), 111-144.
    *Currently #1 "Most-Read" article in Urban Education


IUME Faculty and Faculty Fellows/Affiliates

Caraballo, L. (2014). The Student as Assemblage of Success: Constructing Multiple Identities amidst Classed, Gendered, and Raced Discourses of Achievement. Curriculum and Teaching Dialogue, 16(1-2), 103-123.

Caraballo, L. (2014). ‘Where I'm from is a place divided’: Negotiating multiple selves in academia and beyond. Polymath: An Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences Journal, 4(2),10-15.

Caraballo, L. (2014). Professional Resources: Toward Critical College-Going Literacies and Social Justice. A review of College ready: Preparing Black and Latina/o youth for higher education (M. Knight & J. Marciano, Teachers College Press). Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy, 57(6), 509-511.

Caraballo, L. & Hill, M. (2014). Curriculum-in-Action: Cultivating Literacy, Community, and Creativity in Urban Contexts. English Leadership Quarterly, 37(1), 5-11.

Carter, R.T., Oyler, C. J., McIntosh-Allen, K., Schlessinger, S., & Caraballo, L. (2014). First steps in understanding diversity climates in educational institutions. Teachers College Record. Published: May 23, 2014., ID Number: 17546.

Garcia, A., Mirra, N., Morrell, E. Scorza, D., and Martinez, A. (2015). The council of youth research: Critical literacy and civic agency in the digital age. Reading and Writing Quarterly, 31 (2) 151-167.

Lozenski, B. D. & Ford, G. E. (2014). From Individualism to Interconnectedness: Exploring the transformational potential of a community generated methodology. In B. Ngo & K. Kumashiro (Eds.) Six Lenses for Anti-Oppressive Education, 2nd Edition, 291-309. New York: Peter Lang. 

Morrell, E., Duenas, R., Garcia, V., & Lopez, J. (2014). Critical Media Pedagogy: Teaching for Achievement in City Schools.New York: Teachers College Press.
    *Winner of Choice Magazine’s 2014 Outstanding Academic Title Award

Morrell, E. (2014). Toward a Critical Model of Teacher Learning: Lessons From the South Carolina Reading Initiative. Reading & Writing Quarterly30(3), 207-210

Morrell, E. (2014). English teaching as teaching students to read the word and the world: A Presidential Commentary. NCTE Council Chronicle, 24 (2).

Morrell, E. (2014). Critical action research and the future of English Education: A Presidential Commentary. NCTE Council Chronicle, 24(1).

Morrell, E. (2014). Contexts, codes, and cultures: An interview with NCTE President Ernest Morrell. English Journal, 103 (4), 12-15.

Pyscher, T. & Lozenski, B. (2014). Throwaway Youth: The Sociocultural Location of Resistance to Schooling. Equity & Excellence in Education, 47(4), 531-545. Special Issue: Breaking the Pipeline: Understanding, Examining, and Dismantling the School-to-Prison Pipeline.

Smith, C. & Lozenski, B. D. (2014). “I do not need help to define myself”: The Self-Location of Somali Immigrant Youth Through Discourse and Agency. In B.J. Porfilio, D. Roychoudhury, & L.M. Gardner (Eds.) See you at the crossroads: Hip Hop scholarship at the intersections. The Netherlands: Sense Publishers.

2012/2013 Publications

Graduate Students

de los Ríos C. V. (2013). A curriculum of the Borderlands: High School Chicana/o-Latina/o studies as Sitios y Lengua. The Urban Review45(1), 58-73.
    *Named one of the most significant empirical contributions to literacy research in 2013 by Research in the Teaching of English (RTE).

de los Ríos, C.V., & Ochoa, G.L. (2012). The people united, shall never be divided: Reflections on collaboration, community, and change. Journal of Latinos and Education, 11(4), 271-279.