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The IUME "Press Room" is our opportunity to share when IUME or our faculty, staff, and students are featured in media outlets across the internet.

Beyond Bullying Summit Recapped on Front Page of TC Website featuring Commentary from Dr. Morrell
TC Media Center
January 16, 2013

...IUME’s Director, Ernest Morrell, amplified the idea that using literacy instruction can develop social-emotional skills in young students, particularly those in schools that serve largely minority populations who are often disinterested and feel disconnected from school. For children to be invested in school and in learning to read and write, they must value themselves and come to believe they have something valuable to say, that school is a safe place to say it, and that they have secure attachments to other people and some social awareness, Morrell said. Reading and writing can help reinforce those beliefs. “Helping kids understand and like themselves is a precursor to understanding others. We can do these things in the common core curriculum, in social students, science and math class.”   

To read the full article, click here.

Director Ernest Morrell Featured in Q&A on "Teaching Students to Become Better Consumers and Producers of Information"
SmartBlog on Education
August 24, 2012

Ernest Morrell, director of the Institute for Urban and Minority Education at Teachers College Columbia University, is a leading voice in literacy and English education. In this interview with SmartBrief education editor Trigie Ealey, he offers his take on the state of literacy, technology, and collaboration as teachers and students across the country head back to school.

What is digital literacy education and how does it translate to the classroom?

The world is changing quickly. The available communications tools at our disposal have changed what it means to be literate. We have a generation of youth that is saturated with information and we also have a generation of sophisticated information producers. A digital literacy education will help our youth to become better consumers and producers of information in the digital age. We need to allow our students to produce and distribute information multimodally in classrooms. This includes adding blogs, wikis, PowerPoint slides, and digital videos to the usual class essays. 

Click here to read the full Q&A article with Dr. Morrell... 

IUME Post-Doctoral Fellow Arshad Ali Featured in Article on NYPD Muslim Surveillance
Youth Radio News
April 27th, 2012

Imagine being afraid to sign up for a particular college course, or ask a burning question to your professor because it might be recorded and documented in a police report with your name on it. 

Recent investigations by the Associated Press show that the New York Police Department has put in place deep levels of surveillance over Muslim communities. This includes sending agents to immerse themselves in communities of Muslims and document religious and political activity in police reports. The NYPD involved the CIA and the FBI to create their intelligence plan. That’s the dilemma that many Muslim college students are facing in New York and surrounding areas.

Click here to read the full article that features Dr. Ali...

Columbia Teachers College's Ernest Morrell Takes The Lead in Urban and Minority Education
The Columbia Newsletter: News For Our Neighbor
Winter 2012(February 2012)

Professor Ernest Morrell has a lot on his plate these days. In the fall, he officially took over as director of the Institute for Urban and Minority Education (IUME) at Columbia's Teachers College, and in June he was elected vice president of the National Council of Teachers of English. He will also be teaching "The Politics of Teaching English Education" in the Arts and Humanities Department at Teachers College. And after relocating from Los Angeles, where he was on the faculty in the Graduate School of Education and Information Studies at UCLA, he recently became a father. "It has been a challenge," Morrell said about his wide range of activies, adding that he also intends to find time to pursue his other interests, including writing poetry and fiction.

IUME was founded in 1973 to focus on research on how race, gender, language and social and economic class
affect learners and to use that information to influence curriculum, pedagogy and assessment. Click to download the full article...

Civil Rights Groups Say New Report Shows Officials Overly Police Students [feat. IUME Director Ernest Morrell]
NY City Lens, Columbia University School of Journalism
December 6, 2011

New records show that over a 50-day period, mostly in the summer school months, police arrested or ticketed four students a day. Overall, the department’s school safety division arrested 63 and gave 182 summonses to kids in junior and senior high.

“Young people are at school to learn, they’re at school to make mistakes and learn from them,” says Johanna Miller, assistant advocacy director at New York Civil Liberties Union. “And we don’t think that this overly punitive discipline is the best way for people to learn.”

...The New York Civil Liberties Union isn’t alone. Ernest Morrell is an urban education professor at Teachers College. He says schools must be more precise about what they call criminal acts.“With this idea of zero tolerance, this range of what’s being criminalized is being expanded,” says Morrell, who is also director of the Institute for Urban and Minority Education. “There are activities that fall within that realm that could be handled in other ways.” Click here for full article and to see video with Dr. Morrell...

Morrell Installed as Vice President of National Council of Teachers of English
Teachers College, Columbia University Press Room
November 22, 2011

Morrell will assume the presidency of the literacy council in 2013.

Ernest Morrell, Professor of English Education and Director of TC’s Institute for Urban Minority Education (IUME) in Harlem, was sworn in on November 20 as Vice President of the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE), the premiere organization of literacy educators in the United States.

Morrell, who came to TC in August as a prominent scholar in literacy, urban education and ethnic studies, was installed at NCTE’s annual meeting in Chicago to begin a four-year term of leadership. As previously announced, after serving for a year as Vice President, he will be named Incoming President, then President, and finally Immediate Past President of the organization, each for one-year terms. He was elected through a balloting of NCTE’s 35,000 members. Click here to read full article...

Benji Chang: Pedagogy That Liberates
Teachers College, Columbia University Press Room
October 10, 2011

You’ve come to TC as a post-doctoral fellow in the Institute for Urban and Minority Education. How will you spend your time?

I’m going to teach one course, in the spring. It will focus on Asian-American K-12 school communities, using critical and socio-cultural lenses. I also have some writing projects about these topics covered in my course, as well as my work concerning issues of sustainability and social movements in teaching, participatory action research and community organizing. For my research project, I’m going to work with multiethnic immigrant community spaces, seeing how community groups, teachers and schools can work together to deepen and sustain their efforts towards social justice in public education. Nowadays teachers are asked to do everything, and they can’t cover all that ground. And one of the things that schools of education are not that familiar with is community engagement and organizing, and how that fits in with bringing about educational equity. Click here to read full article...

Ernest Morrell will lead TC’s signature urban institute into a new era
Teachers College, Columbia University Press Room
January 31, 2011

Teachers College has appointed Ernest Morrell as the new director of its Institute for Urban and Minority Education (IUME). Morrell is on the faculty in the Urban Schooling Division of the Graduate School of Education and Information Studies at the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA). He will assume a tenured full professorship at TC and the directorship of  IUME offices in September, succeeding the Institute’s founding director, Edmund W. Gordon. Click here to read full article...