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A Historic Evening at the Inaugural Edmund Gordon Lecture

On October 10th, IUME, in co-sponsorship with the Program in History and Education, hosted Professor Charles M. Payne who delivered the Inaugural Edmund Gordon Address at Teachers College in honor of IUME Founder and legendary figure Dr. Edmund Gordon. The address entitled, “Whatever Happened to the Negro Question? Educational Discourse and the Lost Question of Race”, drew a standing-room-only audience of nearly 200 to Milbank Chapel and helped illustrate how historical understanding is crucial for thinking about contemporary school improvement. In his address, Dr. Payne presented a broad critique of the educational community’s modern perceptions and attitudes towards school achievement, poverty, and race.

Click here to view the lecture on the IUME YouTube channel and here for pictures.

Introducing the "Educating Harlem" Lecture Series

In collaboration with the Program in History and Education at Teachers College as well as the Center on History and Education, IUME is excited to announce its participation in the new "Educating Harlem" lecture series, which is part of a larger initiative to better explore the forces that shaped education in Harlem.

On March 27th, the first "Educating Harlem" lecture took place at Teachers College in front of a packed room in Russell Hall, where Dr. Martha Biondi -- Professor of Education at Northwestern University -- spoke about her research on youth revolutions at City College in the 1960s. Our next speaker will be Dr. Khalil Muhammad, who is currently the Director of the Schomburg Center for Research and Black Culture. For more information about the Education Harlem initiative, click here.

Subcribe to the new IUME Newsletter!

In October, IUME redesigned its monthly newsletter in a way that not only increases dissemination, but most importantly, better shares all the events and news with the world. The newsletter is available in PDF format, but also available via hard copy at the IUME office at Teachers College. Make sure to subscribe to the newsletter and e-mail list on the bottom right-hand side of this IUME homepage.

For more information and to download/view past IUME newsletters, click here.

Learn More About IUME's Literacy Teachers Initiative (LTI) Project

 IUME was excited to announce the launch of the Literacy Teachers Initiative (LTI) Project in spring, 2012. Since then, we have partnered with dynamic elementary and middle school teachers from Harlem and Brooklyn in an effort to collaboratively work toward finding increased pedagogical methods for students. The LTI Project is led by Dr. Jodene Morrell of Teachers College. We have grown in number and ideas each year, received competitive research grants, presented at Teachers College and state, national, and international conferences, and written for publication.

Check out our LTI page for more information and check out the biographies of the Teacher Fellows here!

Learn More about the Youth Historians in Harlem Program!

The Youth Historians in Harlem (YHH) project, sponsored by IUME, is a new critical approach to teaching history in urban schools in Harlem, focusing on empowering minority youth through their own cultural experiences, involving students in the practice of "doing" history through guided projects, programs, and participatory action research. YHH seeks to increase students' interest in history through innovative and engaging pedagogical approaches that help them become historians, researching the rich historical past of ‘their’ Harlem community. While YHIH seeks to advance the historical knowledge of education in Harlem, above all, our project seeks to make history relevant to urban students and help increase academic achievement. To learn more about this exciting project, visit the official website here.

Getting Real III Public Videoconference Series Recap

This past fall over the span of 16 weeks, IUME partnered with the University of Wisconsin-Madison and New York University Hip-Hop Education Center to launch an innovative online seminar series called Getting Real III. Seminal scholars and leaders in the growing field of Hip-Hop studies focused their attention on how Hip-Hop culture, culturally relevant pedagogy and youth participatory action research can successfully be used to close the education gap in America's public schools.

This online public videoconference series was highly successful. The final four lectures were at Teachers College, and can be viewed in full HERE -- so check them out! The TC speakers featured Professor Chris Emdin, Professor Ernest Morrell, Jen Johnson, and Sam Seidel with Dave "TC" Ellis. (Original lineup here.)

Recapping the Final IUME Colloquia of 2012 on "Ill Literacies"

IUME's last Colloquia at the Gordon Campus was spearheaded by two dynamic scholars--Crystal Belle and Jamila Lyiscott--who are both Research Fellows at IUME and Ph.D. students in English Education. Both Crystal and Jamila, versed in spoken word and literacy experts in the making, discussed critical issues in literacy as it applies to democracy and freedom inside schools. We had a full house at the Gordon Campus, and it was a wonderful way to reflect on 2012 with critical discussion and passionate performances from both Crystal and Jamila.

The Colloquium is viewable in full on our YouTube channel and also don't forget to view our photo gallery, too! (For original information and details, click here.)

Subscribe to our IUME YouTube Channel!

Have you visited the official IUME YouTube page recently? Want to learn more about IUME? Make sure to stop by our YouTube page here and watch a few of our videos and subscribe!. Not only do we keep a collection of IUME events and Colloquia, but our video team prepares short clips on critical research. The most recent Beyond Bullying presentation is now available, as is our December Colloquium and other great clips that should be shared!

In our increasingly digital and mutlimodal era, we believe strongly in collaborative educational content, so make sure to check back often and subscribe to your channel.

Home > Recapping the 2013-2014 Academic Year!

Recapping the 2013-2014 Academic Year!

Hello to all the educators, activists, students, parents, community members, and scholars,

Well, it is hard to believe that another academic year has passed! With the commencement ceremonies and convocations now behind us, newly minted graduates are set to go out into the world and enact the change that they have theorized about and practiced often during their time at Teachers College.

As for IUME, this third full year under Director Ernest Morrell marked a period of rapid growth and development in which our expansion on campus significantly changed the visibility and accessibility to the TC and larger Columbia community. This year continued to be an exciting time of innovation and rejuvenation for the Institute, as this year we continued our past event series (such as the IUME Colloquia and Faculty Fellows) but also deepened our current projects with a greater focus on dissemination. Furthermore, more than anything, this year we have been fortunate to partner with various faculty members, institutions, and organizations both nationally and internationally. Yet, it has also been a transition year of sorts, too, as we not only adjust to being on campus and welcoming many new students to the IUME family, but constantly negotiating our role as an Institute in our 40th year in existence.

We must remember, then, that IUME’s foundation is, and always will be, research – specifically, research as a form of a social justice. It is the research that drives IUME and is at the heart of what we do and why we do it. We must continue to advance the interests of the disenfranchised through community and student-driven yet rigorous research that illustrates the often-hidden brilliance of youth. The last few years we have sponsored and co-sponsored numerous events, but this year was an important year to begin disseminating the research of our research fellows and affiliated scholars. Many of our graduate students recently published articles and more book chapters and books are on the horizon.

Overall, it was a highly successful year, yet, it was not done in isolation – we owe this success to you! To the teachers, to the researchers, to the volunteers, to the community leaders, to the parents, and mostly, to the beautiful youth we encounter each day. Thank you to those who dedicate your lives to this work and for supporting the Institute whether by attending one of our campus events or participating in a research project. Frankly, we are humbled by your support and dedication in being part of a coalition of passionate people committed to improving the future of our children and our communities. Yet, as we well know, we all have much work to do – we must continue to come together in the pursuit of social justice for the sake of the brilliant students who are unfairly marginalized in schools all across the world each and every day. And we promise to do that by being on the forefront of cutting edge research.

Thank you for being a part of IUME – this year, and every year.

Have a wonderful summer!


Congratulations to the Class of 2014 and all the new graduates!

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